Three Things Eating Carne Asada Burritos Taught Me About Life

In the summer of 2009, my husband and I took a trip to San Diego, California. Other than a layover in Los Angeles, I’d never been to the West Coast before. (This trip was partially so I could see what my husband was up to during his Marine Corps days). I hopped off the plane and automatically loved seeing palm trees and sunshine. The scenery was a lot different than what I was used to in the airports from my East Coast trips.

For months leading up to our visit, my husband swore he wanted me to try his favorite Mexican chain, Alberto’s. They had the best carne asada burritos according to him. I was never a burrito fan, but wanted to indulge him. Unfortunately, after driving around one night from Temecula’s wine country, we never did find one. So we went back to our temporary apartment in the Gaslamp. (The Gaslamp is the place to eat and do things). Being that is was near 10 pm on a Sunday, we walked around trying to find a Mexican restaurant that just happened to be open. The nightlife was in full swing, if people screaming on the sidewalk and loud music from nearby venues was any indication. The restaurant, of which I can’t recall the name, changed my life. Not surprisingly, we were the only ones in the dimly-lit space. The radio was on as we quickly ordered carne asada burritos and margaritas. The order came out lightning-fast and the first bite of the carne asada burrito I couldn’t tell under the red lights of our table if my husband was pleased or just curiously awaiting my reaction. As I continued eating, the sensation hit me. The “this is nothing to write home about” moments led to the “What in the hell just happened?” moment. Somewhere along the way, my taste buds changed my mind about carne asada burritos.  They were phenomenal with a capital P.

Life is the same way. When you feel stuck in your life, what makes you feel good? What moments like my new love for carne asada burritos have you just stopping in your tracks and thinking “Why haven’t I taken up surfing/crocheting/ parasailing/ drama class sooner? One of the first clues in life about taking on something new is that it often unexpected. These are the “go” moments that tell your heart when to begin. A lot of people (myself included) often claim we don’t know where to begin. I had been eating Mexican food since I was a child and never recalled tasting Mexican this yummy. In addition, I found something wonderful in something so simple. We never know when we get up in the morning when something or someone will change our lives. The crazy thing is sometimes, the new event even happens in weird Stay open to the odd, funny, or even embarrassing ways that the universe will say “Yes!”

I’m not sure how we missed Alberto’s as they appear to be all over the San Diego area. However, I’m kind of glad we went to the Gaslamp restaurant instead. 🙂




Making Friends With the Learning Curve

I have a few confessions to make.
I’m a Reese Witherspoon fan. I have also seen her movie Legally Blonde close to twenty times. If you have never seen the movie, Witherspoon plays Elle Woods, a rich sorority girl who studies fashion merchandising in California; until her equally rich law school-bound boyfriend breaks up with her. Elle decides to attend law school herself, after reading about her ex’s brother in a magazine. Elle takes the LSAT (the law school admission test) and gets into Harvard Law School. She moves across the country with what seems her entire bedroom and her Pomeranian, Bruiser. While the story is a little extreme, the point of the story is not.
We all suffer through many learning curves in our lives. As with anything new, it can be difficult, especially at the rate in which we learn a concept (Elle went through this A LOT). While not exactly a slow learner, I have always been a bit of an underdog. Did I learn to tie my shoes by the time I was 3? No. Ride a bicycle by the time I was 5? No, again. Don’t get me started on math (I did summer school at the end of 9th grade because Algebra just wasn’t my thing and still isn’t). This blog has even been a bit of a learning curve. My point is that there is no level anyone can achieve in life that takes learning away. We can be a prominent businessperson and still struggle with our business at times, be a college graduate learning how to navigate the world that no longer has strict rules, or the little kid still learning how to ride that bicycle. In my own experience with learning curves, I’ve had to remember a few things:
-Accept where you are at in life and start there: As the saying goes, the only way out is through. Please don’t misunderstand this as sitting still. Absolutely not. I’ve had to take stock of how I learn to be okay with moving forward. I’m not going to understand someone telling me how to operate a Mac computer the first time (could be because I’m a visual learner). However, learning comes from doing. Wouldn’t you rather learn it and make mistakes than to guess how it works later?
The second part of this stage is what comedian Steve Harvey refers to as the “when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired” stage. Raise your hand if you have been here. I started this blog after getting tired of hearing myself say “I want to start a blog.” Sure, the learning curve is steeper than those steps I climbed on a 5th grade field trip, but can’t we all look back and think “If I didn’t go through that situation, I wouldn’t be smarter/wiser/more aware today?” Give yourself points for that.
Your journey is the only one that matters: In other words, don’t compare your journey in life to others’. We all go through this with our inner mean person and wish we had the nicer car, smoother hair or the cutest dog at the Westminster Dog Show. But ask yourself how much energy you really want to spend thinking about how awesome someone else’s life is. We are always learning where we can improve. It’s why we are here on Earth in the first place. That is our purpose.
By the end of Legally Blonde, Elle Woods learned that despite some tough situations and a rough beginning to law school, all she ever needed was a little faith in herself. Make peace with the fact you may not always get something right the first time, but you owe it to yourself to keep going. You never know where a road could lead!

Welcome to My Little Corner of the Internet

Hello Readers!

I wanted to welcome you to my little blog! This where I will post my adventures in life, parenting, photography and poetry.

As it is almost Valentine’s Day (and to celebrate my very FIRST post!) here is a small piece of the short story I’m writing. Let me know in the comments what you think 🙂

“….He was dressed in jeans and a vintage off-blue tee shirt a la J. Crew with the Mooresburg Farmer’s Market logo. His blonde hair was in a crew-cut style. His skin was tanned from either helping out here at the farm or playing on Mooresburg’s community baseball team.
Kari paid quickly for her purchases, waved goodbye to Louise without looking at the man behind her and grabbed Noelle, who was playing with a black lab outside the barn. “Just a second.” Noelle said rubbing the dog’s head and coat. “We have to go NOW.” Kari said through clenched teeth.
“His name’s Brice, came a whisper in her ear. He doesn’t bite, but his owner might.”

Until next time…