I Know How to Drive and Other Silly Things My Kids Have Said

One of my favorite things about being a mom are the things that my kids (both middle schoolers) say. While they can most certainly get on my last nerve sometimes (moms have 24 individual ones according to a friend’s son), the way a tween or teenager’s mind works can definitely provide some comic relief.

Last week, my kids were out of school for Spring Break. I was sitting at the computer trying to do some more research for the blog. My 12 year old daughter was watching some of her favorite Magcon boys on YouTube (if you don’t what Magcon is, please Google this. Tween girls  everywhere will thank you). Out of the blue, my daughter looked at me with a straight face and said “Maryland is in Pennsylvania, right?” I couldn’t help but smile. My mini-me is a very smart kid, but when the kids have time off from school everything shuts down like Chic Fil A on Sunday. Kids can have their moments too, right? My husband and I try to teach them everything we can through the questions they ask or the situations they are pondering. So, we used this moment for a geography lesson of the Northeast states. Followed by whether or not Virginia was a northern state or southern one (I’m from Virginia and consider it northern myself). One of my other favorite conversations with my daughter was when we were discussing the 80’s and 90’s. I fully admit to being an 80’s child. We “did” the big hair (although mine was permed) and wore the brightly colored jewelry. I was damn proud of  my red Reebok high-top sneakers too. They were all that. My daughter insisted that she was a 90’s child. I asked what she knew about the decade. She mentioned the show Full House and named off a couple of musical artists like MC Hammer and 3 Doors Down and said “The 1990’s ended in 2004.” Okay, dear.

Most years, we try to plan a summer vacation as a family. It started out as a bit of a tradition in 2005 when we took the kids on their first trip to the Smoky Mountains. Ever since then, we try new places to encourage them to see or try something new (my son has quite the food palate now thanks to our Louisiana trips). One of their favorite places is Destin, Florida. We had booked a trip to Destin last year, as it had been awhile since we visited. The beach town had a mini golf and go-kart track near our hotel. Huge plus here as my kids love to race their dad. They have both said to me after their turn was up “See, Mom! I don’t need a bicycle. I know how to drive!”

A day in a parent’s life is never dull 🙂


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