The Special Reasons I Write

I was asked a few months back why I wanted to start a blog. At first, the question was annoying to me. Well, for starters everyone has one for sales, their stories, or pictures. It’s what has made social media so remarkably popular. We all crave connection. We want to learn from, be informed, and be entertained. So, why should I bother starting a blog when there is already millions upon millions of them out there? No one knows my work and if I don’t show it off (the good, the bad, and the terrible) it’s a disservice to myself and anyone who very well may read it.  I wanted an outlet. At seven, I learned to write short stories. At nine, I wrote poetry to release my feelings after a really lousy day on the playground (sand is not good for the eyes). The pen and paper could not yell at me. I felt constricted and frustrated until the words were out. As I grew up, the poetry advanced to reflective thoughts and then humor. Who knows what time it was or how much time had passed. I just wanted to use my imagination. I got photo books and put my poetry in them after re-writing a few lines and making it neat to showcase. (I still have two full books in my closet, though they haven’t been read since I was little.) The other day,  standing in my kitchen, I was pondering the “Why do I write?” question again. I felt after so many years that the Universe decided to help me fully process the answer. I write for people who don’t know how to say the words they want to say themselves. I write for myself words I want to say but for whatever reason, cannot say out loud. In my family, you don’t always hear I love you. Someone’s actions are the words. A cute Hallmark card-check. A lunch out-check. A few dollars to spend-check. I write to help remind myself that I matter. My work is written for those people who also need to know from their friends or loved ones that they matter. Maybe my personal flaw is that I can do feelings. Not everyone is or wants to be overly sentimental. For as long as I can remember, I’ve read books, watched the Hallmark movies, and written the poetry because it’s what I need. My humorous poetry has been a tribute to those in my life and their situations. It’s my way of sharing my feelings simply. I write my blog to relate to others and share what matters.


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