Captain Crunch Rocks as a Cereal


In honor of my birthday this week, I wanted to do something fun for my followers. Here is a list of 36 other completely random things you might not know about me.

As a kid, I considered many professions: judge, lawyer, interior designer, writer, and pediatrician. My husband would have made a fantastic lawyer because he loves to argue. 🙂

In the 6th grade, my teacher wrote an end of the year script that included the entire class and our future aspirations. I was a news anchor.

I took journalism classes and worked on the newspaper staff for two years in high school.

Both my degrees are associated with Communication

I dislike most slang words-“vacay” and “bestie” are nails down a chalkboard to me

I’ve never owned a pair of high heels

I am a huge fan of farmer’s markets-peaches are my favorite

I have multiple pairs of sunglasses because I always lose them

I once “met” Cindy Crawford

I am #3 of 4 sisters. My husband is #3 of 4 brothers.

White is considered a boring color to me

I had a library card as kid and went regularly in the summer. Panda bears were my favorite subject to read about.

I don’t have an Instagram account

I am quiet and reserved until you get to know me.

My favorite restaurant is Maguire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida

I share my birthday with Lucy Lawless, Elle McPherson, and Sam Walton

I’m a southpaw.

Chris Pine and Hugh Jackman are a few of my favorite actors

I love Boston Cream donuts

I won an Honorable Mention in a poetry contest when I was 9

I rarely watch the news anymore

I grew up listening to all kinds of music, but prefer rock

My husband and I picked our wedding location based on a lighthouse he gave me (I used to collect them)

My favorite color is red

I am a beach girl at heart (palm trees are pretty cool)

I grew up in the country with a menagerie of animals

I am terrified of heights and roller coasters

I don’t know how to whistle

In 4th grade, I dressed up like a famous writer/actress and won second place. The prize was a book I already had.

I travel almost every year for my birthday. This year was New Orleans.

My addiction used to be coffee. I quit for a year and a half and now drink it once in a blue moon.

Anytime I make a PB&J, it has to be with strawberry jelly. And cut diagonally.

I used to be in a bowling league at 11

My favorite flower is a calla lily

I hate hot dogs and potato chips

I took four years of Spanish but still want to learn Italian

What are some of your favorite things?





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