The Surprise

April is National Poetry month. As a poet, I am sharing some of my works and favorites of others on the blog. This poem is an example of the bespoke poetry that I’ve written since childhood. Enjoy 🙂

 She sped past him at the turnstile

As she tried to catch the Metro train

Her black briefcase in one hand

And a bright pink umbrella unraveled, from the morning’s rain

He could smell her Lancome perfume

And tried to catch up

But people were wall to wall

On their phones, while balancing Starbucks

He got flustered and wanted to scream

His heart beating faster

He took the stairs two at a time

There is something he wanted to ask her

On the platform, she stared impatiently at her gold watch

Wondering where he could be

And that’s when he walked up behind her

Smiling sheepishly

The lights started to flicker

The Metro train was near

He wished he had more time

Damn, an early train was his biggest fear

A concerned look crossed her face

“Are you okay?”

He just took her hand in his, replying “There’s something I’ve got to say.”

“Right here, on the orange line I asked you out on our first date

We had a burger at BGR

That was 2008

So many things have happened since then

We’ve finished school, and traveled some

He got down on one knee

As her mouth opened in surprise

He finally got to ask her “Will you be my forever one?”








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