Ode to School Shopping

Today’s poem focuses on the humor aspect. This is an “old” poem but also a tribute to other parents and that special time of year ūüôā

 The time is here again

 Two weeks before the bell

¬†Every parent’s worst nightmare

 School shopping hell

¬†There’s the supply list

 Scattered throughout every discount store

 Who needs four glue sticks? Three packs of crayons

 And trying to find manilla paper is always a chore

 The best time to go is morning or almost closing time

¬†It’s easier to shop

¬†And there’s often a shorter wait line

¬†Unless the “no tax” holiday is your thing

 That happens every August or July

 The people will be plenty, the parking will be maddening

 Every parent will want to cry

 So off you go, moms and dads

 The early mornings are about to begin

 Keep those initial lists handy

 The kids will probably make you go again!